Moneta Assistance

Moneta Assistance was founded by a dynamic and innovative team.

In 2011, Moneta Assistance started work by providing dental assistance and neurologist solutions services to insurance companies. With our experience in oral and dental health, we have established strong network with over five hundred clinics at almost every location. We aimed to provide a safe and solution-oriented service together.  With this network of assigned providers, we create solutions for insurance companies as well as corporate and individual demanders.

We can also highlight our preliminary / pioneer services such as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Upper Extremity Microsurgeries and Advanced Dental Treatments.

The superior success we have achieved in all medical fields has been combined with the other demands of our business partners. It is undeniable that we are at a time when the digital transformation is accelerating. We have also developed a new service called "Moneta Digital Health Platform", aiming to digitalize healthcare services. When you need healthcare services we offer to find solutions with our online doctor service. We follow up with 24/7 online doctor access until the process is concluded.

We offer many solutions such as;

  • Online interview with the expertized specialist
  • Online psychologist
  • Online nutritionist
  • Post-operative support(periodic calls and appropriate follow-up)
  • Transfer to the health institution or imaging center with VIP vehicle
  • Chronic patient monitorizing
  • Hi-tech imaging and laboratory services

With our strong team point of view; we work in accordance with the principles of quality, patient satisfaction and clinical excellence.